Superior Fireplace Doors

Superior Fireplace Doors

Have you ever been looking at your open fireplace and think to yourself, “Wow my toddler/anybody else could slip and fall and really hurt themselves in that open flame”? If not, you should consider getting a door for that so you and your loved ones can avoid getting a nasty burn.  

According to, there were over 2,000 cases of burned children under the age of 10 caused by chimney fires from 2010-2020.

To anyone looking for the SUPERIOR fireplace door; THIS IS THE SITE FOR YOU!  If you are looking for more information about Superior Fireplace Doors and products, look no further.  This site will tell you everything you need to know about doors, door glass, door screens, baby fireguards as well as what to do when you need a replacement part. We will also be discussing things such as warrantys, fireplace candelabras, fireplace blowers, and fireplace logs.


Fireplace doors not only reduce the risk of injury to yourself and your friends/family, they also can improve the energy efficiency of your home and prevent unwanted house fires.  Having a barrier between the fireplace and your home can block unwanted coals from sparking out or having unsecured logs tumble out and burn your floors or the people sitting or standing outside the fireplace. In terms of energy efficiency, it can block the air that pretty much forced up the chimney like a vacuum.  In the winter time, it will keep the warm air in and the cold air out so that you do not have to consistently accommodate for the air that is lost.

Fireplace Door Glass

Glass doors can really make a nice addition to your home.  It gives a nice frame around the fireplace and does not obstruct the view to your fire like a screen door can.  

When selecting a glass fireplace door, you have a few options.  The options are to either have them swing open like french doors, slide open like barn doors. The sliding doors will typically fit into any prefab fireplace with a track on top.  If you do not have a prefab fireplace you will have to get a frame fitted for it. If you want the swing open option, then you will need to make sure you get the right size for your particular fireplace.


Over time, you might find that you need to replace or remove the glass on your door to clean it. It is normally pretty self explanatory.  For sliding doors, you will need to remove the top and bottom panelling normally held in by a couple of screws. Then look to the track on the top and you can see where the doors are screwed into the track, loosen those screws with a typical screwdriver and you are good to go. For the swinging doors, just detach them from the hinges and go to town.


Sometimes when left on for a long time, your fireplace doors can still get pretty hot. Not “falling in the fire” hot but hot enough to do some damage especially to the curious child.  You can check out a child fireguard, designed specially to keep the kids a safe distance away.  If interested check out this page here.