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How To Remove Superior Prefab Fireplace Doors

Do you need to remove or replace your Superior fireplace doors? Our step-by-step guide to Superior fireplace door removal will show you how easy it is to remove your fireplace doors yourself. Follow these simple steps for a quick and easy Superior fireplace door removal

1. Do not remove doors while a fire is lit

When removing your Superior fireplace doors, you must ensure that the fire is switched off or not lit. This will make the removal safe and ensure you don’t burn yourself during the process. 

2. Open the doors completely

When removing your Superior fireplace doors, ensure they are completely opened before you start the removal process. This will make it easier to access the tension clips and remove the doors without breaking them. 

3. Check for tension clips

Although not all models of Superior fireplace doors have tension clips to hold them in place, you will need to check for them. Finding the tension clips will allow you to loosen the fireplace doors to slide them out. If there are no tension clips, locate the screws holding the doors. 

4. Realse the tension clips or undo the screws

Once you’ve found the tension clips, release them by applying pressure. You can use your hands to do this or by using a screwdriver to pry them out of the holes. If your Superior fireplace doors are secured with screws, use a screwdriver to undo them. 

5. Take the doors out of the frame

Most Superior fireplace doors have a frame around them when they are installed. Simply slide the fireplace doors out of their frame for the final step in the Superior fireplace door removal process. Put them in a safe place, and you’re done!

Doors with a frame

If your Superior fireplace doors were designed to fit into a frame within your firebox, you need to make sure that you remove the fireplace doors from the frame and then remove the frame itself from the firebox. If you remove them together, you risk damaging the fireplace doors. 

Other parts for removal

Some of the older Superior fireplace door models may have additional components that you will have to remove to finish the job. Keep these parts in a safe place and ensure they are removed properly to avoid any damage. If you’re unsure of the additional parts, contact our superior team and enquire. We’d be happy to help with any queries about your Superior fireplace door removal.