Fireplace Blowers for Vented Superior Fireplaces

A fireplace blower is a small fan installed in the back of the bottom of your fireplace. It sucks air into the bottom and forces it into the fireplace which then makes air come out the top. This allows more hot air to come into the room. Without one of these blowers, most of the hot air just blows back out the chimney stack. With a blower, you can improve the efficiency of your fireplace and maybe even spare a few dollars on the electric bill this winter.

Here is how to install your fireplace blower step by step:

1. First step is you need to make sure your fireplace is a vented fireplace. It will look like the picture below with vents on the top and bottom.

2. The next thing you want to do is take the bottom vent off.  Typically it will just unscrew with a phillips head screwdriver. If you don’t see screws, it probably just pops out. When you get the bottom loose, there will be things like gas valves, and gas lines that you need to work around.  Just be careful not to knock anything because that could result in a gas leak.

 3. Once you work your way around the obstacles, make sure the blower is placed inside so that the air discharge is pointed up the back of the fireplace. Like the Picture below.

 4. Once you have it in place, screw the two tabs on the bottom of the blower to the floor of your fireplace. There should be two holes for you to screw into. Then plug it in and turn it on.